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A new world, Europe was shaken by this discovery. Exploration is the new order word from biggest empires of old continent. With only one goal, expand their influence to this new lands.

The king decision is made ; an expedition will be sent to map and study America. Most reckless come to be volunteers, ready to brave insurmountable and countless trials. They will go beyond limits of world as we know it, and they don’t know if they will come back. But if they’re aware of one thing, that’s their name will enter in History.

In 1504, 3 ships take away from coast from french kingdom with no less of 200 courageous men.

As brave they are, they were not ready for what they had to face in the Atlantic midst. Sky darkens like lightning, calm Ocean become unrecognizable, he stir with an incredible strengh, they are trap into storm hearth. Equipage overcome a lot of storm, but no one like this yet. Thunder rumbling almost with an divine power, severing sky with lightning, overwhelming an unleashed ocean. They already saw them at the gates of hell.


A deafening crash sounds in this cataclysmic scene, one of the galleon was destroy by a 30 meters high wave, leaving only debris on the surface.
A fear atmosphere embalm men, a fear that will transform in terror with the second ship disappearance, suddenly taken in the abyssal depths. It’s in the horror and confusing that the last ship try to keep on survivors and keep direction.
They will not give life sign since this tragedy.

It’s official, the expedition is considered as a fail by the King. They don’t let any sign since 5 years, they will never come back.
At least, that was only our opinion.

A decade after they go, the incredible happened. As they come beyond the grave, the last ship drop anchor in France, without more than a hand shake men on board.
They bring back to king an invaluable treasure, 21 complete maps, not only of America but of our world, revealing lands and sea that we didn’t expect to discover.
Thus, the 21 maps legend was born.

If nowadays this story ins’t tale, 21 maps perpetuate the inheritance of this explorers with maps that’s always reveal a new look to the world that we may think know.



Passionate by geography and maps of all kind. Looking around myself, a report come to me : maps, ordinary thing, are often impersonal and hung up  without conviction while they can be decorative. A map can be a beautiful decor element and a thing that we’re proud to hang up to embellish our space.

Starting from this statement, i try to develop pretty artistic geographic and custom maps to stimulate this desire and give again taste to geography by design way.

This is how i made volcano, science-fiction, ocean, aviation or history theme maps to transform this ordinary thing into extraordinary.


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